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Applying artistic expertise to his other passion, Charles has taken bold steps within the realms of video game design. 


At a glance this means innovative approaches to designing world levels and environments to maximize gameplay appeal and overall atmosphere.  Creating impressive aesthetic set pieces along with including smaller, more specific details is especially emphasized in his work.  Encompassing all of this is an old-school influence which ensures lofty challenges, loads of secrets and fun unique encounters - key elements of Unearthed Studios philosophy when designing games.

Unearthed Studios NZ is currently developing an original mod for the PC action rpg game Titan Quest;  

Official Teaser Trailer:

Press Coverage: Kotaku Article -

Forum Development Thread:


Hamunaptra is a custom mod for Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition, created using the tools shipped with the original game.  It will introduce a new, detailed world set in ancient Egypt for players to explore along with a stronger focus on horror themes, story narrative and challenging gameplay. 



Project Showcase

Titan Quest Hamunaptra Mod Village
Titan Quest Hamunaptra Mod - Nile TempleWIP
Titan Quest Hamunaptra Mod - Tombs01
Titan Quest Hamunaptra Mod - Tower01
Titan Quest Hamunaptra Mod PromoBanner
Titan Quest Hamunaptra Mod - NileTempleInterior
GIF - Familiar Tomb Entrance.gif
GIF - Run For It.gif
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